The Nygmatech 3D Box, 1995 / Russian Memorial to Christopher Columbus in Santo Domingo, 1929

Firstly:, summing up the Batman universe: "The Box is a mind-reading machine created by Edward Nygma that fronted as 3D Television equipment, able to transmit brainwaves through a T.V. to create 3-D images. It was used by The Riddler and Two-Face to gain the knowledge of others. The device was built by and funded Nygma's company NygmaTech."


all above screenshots from Batman Forever, 1995


Design by Melnikov K., 1929

Virtual Views




An image from the Paragon Times building -


Images from the COS/MES Chaosexotice video:


Beautiful works by Tai Danh Lien:

EX2 - Walk Through from Tai Danh Lien on Vimeo.


умный дом


Images of Erwin Olaf's Grief series

Let's all walk over and say hi

Mr. Glyn Warren Philpot - a self portrait, 1908

Denkmal für die Moderne - An earnest mashup

...featuring (fragments) of buildings by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Lina Bo Bardi, Oskar Hansen, Le Corbusier, M. Melnikow, Dušan Džamonja - amongst others

A conceptional design of a building on a wasteland in the Berlin city centre, which once was occupied by the old Berlin castle - later on known as a war ruin, a socialist parade ground and a modernist palace.

"The Monument for Modernism is a proposal for Berlin’s contested ‘Schlossplatz’ site. The project relates to a local debate as much as to a wider controversy on the legacy of modernism. The idea of a monument for modernism marks the historicity of modernism and its actuality: designating a situation that we find ourselves living in modernity, as well as a past modernity." Robert Burghardt, autumn 2009

CD mood

Image taken from a vintage book about photographic processes.

Neon Signs of Coolsville and Gotham

"The Faux Ghost" - Scooby Doo 2, 2004

"Snowy Cones" - Batman & Robin, 2007