Domestic Nature

Some pleasant images of designed terrariums.

Evan Gruzis

Anonymous Energy No.1, No.3 and Angel of Fresh that is. Ink on paper.

X New Times Roman, ink on paper and a beautiful still life I didn't get the name of. All works are from 2008, I guess.


Oh sweet childhood memories.

Intros from the childrens Spuk TV series, East Germany, 1980s.

Okay, we'll just pretend to believe they are serious about this...

...we are going to applaud in the end, they'll get a handshake, a bunch of flowers and everyone's going to be happy!

The entries are:

Philip Armstrong Tildens design for a tower for the Selfridges Department store, London, in 1918 (via

Competition designs for the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1906 by: Willem Kronhout, Felix Debat and
Emil Töry (from Taschen's book "Architectural Competitions", 1994).

Two competition designs for the Chicago Tribune Tower in 1922 by Adolf Loos and Gerhard Schroeder (from Taschen's book "Architectural Competitions", 1994).

Fashion Monstrosities (Part 2)

"Monstrosities of 1822"

Michael Guidetti

Okay, so lets get this straight: what we see in the clip above are apparently projections on paintings.
I kind of get the principle but cant stop being amazed.

More clips and projects: