My friend Jasmin Liebetrau, who is a restorer and designer made this beauty, called Ehowyn and I think it's so much better than other "modern" doll houses...just because its so baroque and so simple at once. There are so many creative aspects and still so much room left.

Antiquated techniques of surface finishing, cedar, walnut, satinwood, beech, olive, birch, plywood, acrylic, shellac, boiled linseed oil, wood stain, japanese paper, aluminium.

Muskat18 (Click!) will tell you more.

Lets all walk over and say hi

Portrait "of a Young Man" by Lorenzo Lotto, finished 1510, oil on wood, 42,3 x 35,8 cm, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

This is what you always wanted

Iridescent Bird Feeder

Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver

This is a special and quite beautiful shot of the Museum of anthropology, Vancouver.

It had been designed by Canadian architect Arthur Charles Erickson and was finished in 1976.

USSR liqueur bottle lava lamp

More than design objects with a brand I love their interpretations (aka plagiarisms) and even more than that I love DIY design stuff.

I got this lava lamp on Ebay for nothing and even though it looks well produced there was a certain something that seemed unusual.
I unscrewed it and the wax/liquid bottle says, at the bottom: "Liquer bottle made in USSR".

Proud owner!

Drink me...not

I don't know what photoshop processing hell came over me when I made this, but I felt challenged as it reminds of some perfume ad. In the end I thought: "It's green, it's glowing - how can it be wrong in any way!?" Also: its just a sketch for a drawing.

Fashion Monstrosities (Part 1)

"London Dandies or Monstrosities of 1816"

American mid-century columns

  1. A drawing of the main room of the Johnson Wax Building (1936, additions 1951) in Wisconsin, USA. Building
    by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959), drawing by Hugh Ferriss (1889 – 1962, author of the book, Metropolis
    of Tomorrow (1929), artist and architect).
  2. Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA by Frank Wallace, 1963
  3. Conservatory of Music of the Oberlin College, Ohio, USA. Photo by Minoru Yamasaki, 1963

Beton Brut stairway to heaven

I love you little tree, I love you atrium-like rooflight. Can I come up now?

Via the polish brutalizm thread (Click!)

A lung of bismuth

The lungs of a pigeon got dissected by hardening it with alcohol and painting it with a mixture of metals, including Bismuth. The tissue got etched off afterwards. (From the catalogue of the scientific collection of Humboldt-Universität of Berlin)

Here is more bismuth in form of grown crystals:

Or, how Christopher (Lets all walk over and say "Hi" - AGE: 19; TOP MOVIES: Steve Zissou; Dr. Strangelove, anything with zombies in it; LIKES: stupid facts, apple juice and delicious food; CURRENT OBSESSIONS: World of Warcraft; ANYTHING ELSE?!: It's 1a.m and I have a class tomorrow at 9a.m) would say:

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