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Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829 – 1904), was an English "Pre-Raphaelite" painter, illustrator and draughtsman, of the Victorian era. Up there is a portrait of Cyril Flower ,who appears to be the 1st Baron Battersea, from around 1850. Down here a quite nice image which reminds a little bit of coloured photographs.

Fashion Monstrosities (Part 4)

Monstrosities of 1818 - bell dress deformation!

House on Haunted Hill / 1959 and a 100 year old modern residence

I just love how Frank Lloyd Wrights 'Ennis House', finished in 1924, gets introduced as "built a century ago" in House On Haunted Hill from 1959.

The building used to be in bad conditions the past years and is going to get restored. More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ennis_House

This is kind of a fast-forward-film, btw...in horror terms. Not now-creepy at all, of course. Though you understand a lot more about where modernish thrillers/horror films start.

Intriganter Raum

New works at Atelier Maison Mallon, Berlin, October 2010.