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Film stills from The Fountainhead - losen up, it's all been written

A 1949-Zeitgeist boss is having a monologue in the beginning:

"Howard, look at those buildings. Skyscrapers, the greatest structural invention of man, yet they made them look like Greek temples, Gothic cathedrals and mongrels of every ancient style they could borrow, just because others have done it."

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These are stills from the 1949 film "The Fountainhead" after the famous novel by Ayn Rand.

"Although Rand wrote the screenplay, which was used with minimal alterations, she "disliked the movie from beginning to end," complaining about its editing, acting and other elements", Wikipedia says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fountainhead

Interieurstudie Nr. 1

A recent drawing of mine.

Realstadt. Berlin. 2057.

I went to this exhibition, "Realstadt" in Berlin and it was stuffed with an interesting mix of architectural models by German students and previous contributions for competitions. A lot of very applied kinds, but also some "no...really!?" kinds.

I love this model here. It basically just is a mix of a 2057 distopian/utopian Berlin.
An Illustration of an ongoing historical awareness versus a rude "Whos cock is bigger" competition to become the giant of middle Europe. But in the end it just is a beautiful impression of what Berlin is: A big confusion of "What have we been?!" and "What are we supposed to be!?"

In the image, the historical building to the right is supposed to be the reconstruction of the old city castle (click to enlarge, btw) which doesn't seem to be of any aesthetic interest any more here.
Right now, at this very spot, where the castle used to be, there only is a bit of...well, wasteland and grass. The ruin of the castle got knocked down in the early 1950s.

The Model was build by J. Michael Birn and is meant to be a film set, I suppose.