Some Ettore Sottsass

First of all a beautiful still life found via

"Ettore Sottsass (1917 – 2007) was an Italian architect and designer of the late 20th century. His body of designs included furniture, jewellery, glass, lighting and office machine design.
He was educated at the Politecnico di Torino in Turin and graduated in 1939 with a degree in architecture. Sottsass was best known as the founder of the early 1980s Memphis collective. He also designed electronic products for Olivetti, as well as glass and ceramic work.", says Wikipedia...and here you go, cool pieces you get:

In my new work "Einige Objekte und Ettore Sottsass in 3D" (Ink, watercolour and coloured crayons on paper) I involved some Sottsass.
Where is Walter!?

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