Zimmerbild = Image of a room

Both paintings are Berlin related. The first, from 1825 is by Leopold Zielcke (1791–1861).

The second painting, from 1849 is by Johann Philipp Eduard Gärtner (1801-1877), well-known for his detailed renderings of urban architecture.

Both are images from the catalogue "Biedermeier. Die Erfindung der Einfachheit" - "Early Victorian period. The Invention of Simplicity". In German the Early Victorian period would be Biedermeier. The word "Biedermeier" is mostly stylistically used and means the period from 1815 on to the middle of the 19th century. It implies a significant simplicity in the design of furniture, fashion and architecture; though the term you would use talking about architecture is Klassizismus (See building in the last image, also by Johann P.E. Gärtner).

The genre Zimmerbild belongs to this time, only displaying private interiors. The simple design and high quality was expensive and paintings like these mostly got generated by an order of the bourgeoisie who was the owner of apartments like this.

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