Modernism Rustique

Bruce Goff, architect, was born in born in 1904 in Alton, Kansas. "Goff's accumulated design portfolio of 500 projects (about one quarter of
them built) demonstrates a restless, sped-up evolution through conventional styles and forms at a young age, through the Prairie style of his heroes and correspondents Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, then into original design. Finding inspir- ation in sources as varied as
Antoni Gaudi, Balinese music, Claude Debussy, Japanese ukiyo-e prints, and seashells, Goff's mature work had no precedent and he has few
heirs other than his former assistant, New Mexico architect Bart Prince and Herb M. Greene. His contemporaries primarily followed tight functionalistic floorplans with flat roofs and no ornament. Goff's idiosyncratic floorplans, attention to spatial effect, and use of recycled
and/or unconventional materials such as gilded zebrawood, cellophane strips, cake pans, glass cullet, Quonset Hut ribs, ashtrays, and white turkey feathers, challenge conventional dis- tinctions between order and disorder." Wikipedia says

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Additional, here are some images of contemporary painter David Thorpe, who I adore:

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