Music Visualisation

"Music Is Turned Into Glowing Color. Soundless Symphonies from Keys of “Organ” Projected on Screen Are Hailed as Birth of a New Art." 1924, article published in Popular Mechanics.

"The light is concentrated into a beam which is projected through a form-producing device for depth and texture, then filtered through colored screens. And then in a darkened hall, through the three – dimensional projection of the “color organ,” the light pours from lenses at the back of the instrument and the flat white screen “is made a window into space where fluid light-forms are built up in fantastic compositions. The result on seeing it for the first time is the same as if music had never existed and one were suddenly to hear the strains of a violin. What would the reaction be? The listener would say: “Yes, this is nice, but of what use is it?’” the inventor declared."

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